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Did you know that mobile apps are responsible for the success of many business ventures in the modern world?

In contrast, there is a large number of properly developed, innovative and groundbreaking apps that have failed to reach their target market due to lack of proper marketing and analysis!

There are 100’s of generic apps being released every day, but they don’t have the right kind of marketing strategy or the proper analysis and assessment that are required in order to get noticed in the crowded app stores.

At the same time, great app ideas alone are not good enough in the modern world. They need to be combined with a solid strategy that helps you understand your market before you even begin to promote your application. This is the reason why professional consulting services are so important.

We are dedicated to the process of making sure that your application is ready to be marketed, but most importantly, that it gets seen by the right kind of people. Your application is only going to work if enough people use it and that is what we do best. We make your app pop up on your target audience radars to increase your engagement and conversions.

Every App developer that we have worked with has been successful in launching their app to a massive market!

we are experts in the process of creating mobile applications that help business ventures achieve the best possible results!

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Our App Design process

Our approach to app design is creative, strategic, and focused on the user. From start to finish, our team is a partner for better digital experiences that are informed by research and careful testing.

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Discovery + Strategy

We start with you: stakeholder interviews help us understand your plans for the app and the problems you want to solve. We conduct extensive audience research, identifying user needs and pain points.

In addition, our team combs the app landscape, identifying trends, best practices, and notable successes. We examine how other apps are solving your users’ problems, and how yours can differentiate itself from the pack.

UX Design

Supported by a foundation of client and audience insights, our UX team builds out personas and user journeys – research-based tools that break down who will be using your app and how. Clear task flows help define exactly what features are required to support users across their user journeys.

An app map charts out the experience, screen by screen, through the use of wireframes. These help you visualize the layout and understand key user interactions.

User Testing

User testing is an essential proving point for our team. Representatives of key user groups go hands-on with prototypes and beta versions from an early stage, and we note their behavior and collect their feedback throughout. We leverage this information to hone the experience and optimize the product.

UI Design

We begin visual design with an exploratory phase – we share inspiration and get a sense for what moves you and what doesn’t. Then, our design team goes to work crafting an on-brand visual identity for your app.

In designing the interface, we plan for the difference between user expectations on iOS and Android, while ensuring the overall experience remains consistent. We believe that beauty and functionality should never be at odds. We know when to add design flourishes – and when to get out of the user’s way.

Deployment + Post Launch

Once we get approval on UX and UI mockups, your app enters development – another area of expertise of ours, and the final phase before launch. [link to App Development page]

Finally, your app is in the store – but the work isn’t finished. After assisting with launch, our team is ready to support your app with marketing across major channels and dedicated technical support.


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